Periodically, I submit columns to our local news papers on issues that arise in our district, at the state level or on legislation I am sponsoring. As always, I welcome your thoughts and opinions on these issues. Thank you. 

Court Ruling Threatens Access to Affordable Health Care (11-16-22)

Magazine Ranks Moul in Agriculture’s Top 100 (10-13-22)

State Budget Invests in Pennsylvania Agriculture, Environment (7-20-22)

Working to Secure our Food Supply (5-26-22)

Working to Put Whole Milk Back on the School Lunch Menu (4-7-22)

Progress 2022 (2-20-22)

Taxpayers Deserve Greater Transparency in Schools (1-26-22)

Content in School Libraries Should Contribute to Healthy Learning (11-30-21)

House Committee Completes Hearings on Election Integrity (4-26-21)

Covid Vaccine Has Arrived in PA (12-18-20)

Budget, Infrastructure and Election Reforms Top Fall Agenda (8-27-20)

Collaboration is Key to Improve Quality in Lake Erie (11-27-19)

Victim's Rights Amendment to go Before Voters This Fall (9-23-19)

Clean Water Efforts Downstream Benefit Pennsylvanians (7-23-19)

The Latest in the Fight to Control PA Opioid Crisis (5-24-19)

Building on Our Success to Ensure a Strong, Viable Future (11-28-18)