I kicked off 2018 at a Capitol news conference where I and other members of the Taxpayer's Caucus outlined a package of welfare to work bills.

After working throughout the summer to find the $2.3 billion in revenue needed to fill the shortfall in this year’s budget and cover the debt carried over from last year, the work group that I assembled did just that. House Bill 453, the fiscal code to the state budget, proposes to use surplus revenue -- taxpayer money being held in various government reserve accounts -- to cover these costs without the need to raise taxes or borrow against our children’s future. Following passage in the House, the bill moved to the Senate on concurrence.

Pa. State Rep. Dan Moul Expresses Concern about Regulatory Overreach by Susquehanna River Basin Commission at Public Hearing - Claims exorbitant fees, fines are placing a heavy burden on businesses, municipalities and taxpayers.

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