‘It’s a New Day in Harrisburg,’ Says Moul

Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams/Franklin) said he is anxious for the new legislative session to begin in January.  Members of the House Republican Caucus gathered today at the state Capitol to discuss priorities for the new term, including how to overcome a state budget deficit that could reach as high as $5 billion. 

During eight years of the Rendell administration, the General Fund budget has increased by nearly $8 billion – about 40 percent.  Moul said such increases are unsustainable, irresponsible and unnecessary.  He said now is the time to restore commonsense and good government and sacrifices will be necessary. 

“We are here on December 14,” said Moul.  “We’re six-and-a-half months ahead of when the budget is due.  I am so grateful that my caucus has taken the initiative, now that we are in the majority, to start talking about the budget six months early.  That has never happened before.  The old administration – the outgoing administration – normally waited until the budget was past due, then we’d start working on it.  It’s a new day in Harrisburg.”  

Moul said caucus members discussed recent improvements in the state’s revenue figures and actions they are considering to reduce spending. 

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