Moul Amendments to Natural Gas Impact Fee Bill Will Aid in Converting Buses, Fleet Vehicles to Cleaner Natural Gas
HARRISBURG – This week the House is debating legislation to impose an impact fee on natural gas drilling in the Marcellus/Utica Shales. Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams/Franklin) was successful in getting two significant amendments included in the bill that will provide incentives to Pennsylvania transit companies to convert their fleets to compressed natural gas (CNG).

Moul’s amendments to House Bill 1950 would require that a portion of the Oil and Gas Lease Fund be set aside to facilitate the conversion of public transit vehicles to compressed natural gas. One amendment establishes a $5 million grant program for small mass transit companies – those with fewer than 245,000 revenue hours per year. There are currently 37 operating in Pennsylvania . The other sets aside $7.5 million to establish a revolving loan fund for large mass transit companies. The loans, which must be paid back in five years, enable the companies to offset the cost of their conversion to natural gas.

“The savings that can be achieved from this legislation is significant,” said Moul. “In fact, the larger transit companies can earn their investment back in two years, but they have up to five years to pay off their loans. The use of CNG to fuel transit buses and fleet vehicles makes economic sense and is better for the environment. Natural gas burns cleaner than gasoline or diesel.”

Moul’s amendments were originally included in the “Marcellus Works” package of bills put forth by several House members to create jobs in the Commonwealth. Movement of House Bill 1950 provided Moul with an opportunity to get the language in his bill included in legislation that was headed for passage.

To see Moul’s testimony on the House floor during the amendment process, go to

State Representative Dan Moul
91st District, Pennsylvania House of Representatives
Contact: Donna Pinkham

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