Why Rep. Dan Moul Voted ‘No’ on State Budget, Tax Code
HARRISBURG – Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams) said Wednesday that he did not vote in favor of the $31.6 billion state budget or the legislation to authorize the funding to pay for it.

“I certainly did not agree with the spending I saw in the 2016-17 state budget,” said Moul. “I feel that it demands too much of Pennsylvania taxpayers. It spends too much money unnecessarily and allocates funding to agencies and programs that I believe are already over-funded. It sets a bad precedent that will only make matters worse next year.”

Moul expressed particular concern that the $60 billion unfunded liability in the state’s public pension system still has not been addressed. While this year’s budget did not include any broad-based taxes, it does tax some tobacco products, digital downloads and other items that Moul said unfairly targets children and lower income individuals.

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