Moul Announces New Solar Energy Rebate Program
With the rising cost of energy and the downturned economy, Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams/Franklin) is alerting residents of a new state program to cut energy costs. The PA Sunshine Solar Program offers homeowners and small businesses in Pennsylvania the opportunity to receive rebates to help fund solar electric and hot water improvements. 
With $100 million in rebates, eligible participants can be reimbursed for 35 percent of the purchase and installation cost of solar improvements. In combination with federal tax credits for the use of solar energy products, consumers have the opportunity to reduce system costs by 45 percent.
The PA Sunshine Solar Program is part of the Alternative Energy Investment Fund that was signed into law last July and provides for $650 million to explore and encourage alternative forms of energy in Pennsylvania.
Homeowners and small businesses wishing to apply for a rebate must first select an installer that has been approved by the Department of Environmental Protection. The installer will submit all application materials on the consumer’s behalf. Project approval will be granted on a first-come, first-served basis until funds are depleted. Rebates will be dispersed to the home or small business owner upon completion of the project.
The hope is that through this program, consumers have an opportunity to reduce their energy costs and play a significant role in creating a healthier environment for the future.
For more information, for an application or for a complete list of eligibility requirements go to Moul’s Web site at and click on “Solar Rebates.”
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