Moul Says Rendell Education Plan Cheats Adams County Taxpayers
The following is a statement from Rep. Dan Moul in response to Gov. Ed Rendell’s visit to Adams County where he talked about his school funding plan.
“Gov. Ed Rendell visited Bermudian Springs High School in Adams County this week to promote his bloated education spending plan and his $29 billion state budget proposal.
“In fact, the governor has been going to great lengths to sell his plan, which he says will require Pennsylvania taxpayers to shoulder a 16 percent hike in the Personal Income Tax. 
“The state’s education funding formula is one that promises to break the bank since state law mandates that school districts will receive no less funding than they did the previous year. The funding formula also ensures that school districts with declining populations will continue to get more than their fair share of state funding per student while growing school districts may ultimately receive less.
“It seemed hardly appropriate that the governor would choose to come to Adams County to sell his education funding plan. Under the governor’s plan, Philadelphia schools will see a whopping 41 percent increase in education funding, while schools in my legislative district remain underfunded by more than $8 million!  
“While I remain puzzled over Rendell’s decision to promote his plan in Adams County, there is one thing of which I am certain. I will not vote to increase taxes and send your hard-earned money to Philadelphia.”
Rep. Dan Moul
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