Rendell Tax Plan Off the Table, Moul Says
Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams/Franklin) issued the following statement tonight regarding the defeat of the Rendell tax hike proposal, and reaction to the cancellation of House action for the weekend.
“I am pleased to announce tonight that the governor’s plan to increase Pennsylvania’s Personal Income Tax by 16 percent is off the table in state budget negotiations as the governor failed to garner the needed votes in support of the measure.  
“House Republicans were preparing to introduce a discharge resolution today that would have forced a budget bill out of committee and before the House so a budget bill could be considered this weekend. It was a move that was believed to have the support of both Republicans and Democrats, many of whom are concerned about the thousands of state workers and essential services would be affected by further delays.
“House Democrat leaders blocked this move, canceling session today and all weekend. Our members want to work. We want to get this budget behind us and minimize the harm to employees and essential services that will certainly come if we don’t act.”
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