Moul Says House Misses Opportunity to Pass Budget This Week, End Payless Pay Days
Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams/Franklin) issued the following statement today in reaction to a party-line vote in the House that prevented the movement of budget legislation. The legislation could have resolved the state budget stalemate this week, ending payless paydays for thousands of state employees. 
“An attempt by House Republican leaders to position Senate Bill 850 for a vote this week was blocked in a party-line vote, dashing the hopes of thousands of state employees who will be facing payless paydays after this week. Many of those employees live in my legislative district and are already experiencing pay losses.
“Republican leaders had planned to amend Senate Bill 850 and bring it to a vote by Friday. It was the only option we had to get this budget done this week to avoid further harm to the families of state employees.  We didn’t get the cooperation we needed from House Democrats and it didn’t happen. This was preventable, and it’s a shame that all of those families will now have to suffer.”
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