Moul Says State Employees Should Not Be Used As Pawns
Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams/Franklin) said state employees should not bear the brunt of the state budget stalemate. He issued the following statement regarding payless paydays for state workers:
“Let’s get the state employees paid. They work; they deserve a paycheck. They should be paid for what they have worked. I am tired of watching our process here use state employees as pawns. It shouldn’t have happened in the past. It shouldn’t happen this year. Let’s get them paid.”
Moul says some crises are unavoidable, but the budget impasse was entirely preventable. 
“By law, a new budget must be in place on June 30. It is the same deadline every year, but Governor Ed Rendell has never met that deadline in his seven years as governor,” Moul said. “The budget impasse is preventable, and it’s a shame that families of state employees are forced to suffer.”
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