Moul Says Committee Will Move Budget Process Forward
Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams/Franklin) said rank-and-file legislators have been left out of the state budget process for far too long. He said he supports a move to require the full House to meet in open session for the purpose of preparing a budget bill for passage.
Pennsylvania is the only state in the nation without a general appropriation budget. The budget stalemate, now in its 73rd day, is impacting public services, jobs and families all across the Commonwealth. 
Moul said he is confident that by forming a Committee of the Whole as outlined in House Resolution 460, the entire House membership would succeed in reaching a budget resolution.
He offered the following statement following Thursday’s news conference:
“What we’re trying to do here is move to put the workings of this budget, which is now obviously 72 days overdue, in the hands of the General Assembly as a Committee of the Whole. It will empower the whole body to work on the budget. Right now, we’re standing on the outside looking in. We need to be part of this. Obviously this stalemate is going nowhere. It’s time for the General Assembly to say ‘enough is enough, let’s try something different.’”
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