Moul Says Gas Tax Not the Answer, ‘Privatize Mass Transit’

Rep. Dan Moul (R-Adams/Franklin) attended Monday’s bipartisan House and Senate caucus on transportation.  The Rendell administration is proposing to tax oil company profits and raise 64 different fees to raise the $1 billion necessary to fund improvements to Pennsylvania’s ailing transportation infrastructure. 


The administration has consistently pushed for higher taxes on gasoline as part of the transportation funding plan.  While the gas tax was not part of Monday’s presentation, it remains a very real possibility for the Legislature to consider.  Moul disagrees with this strategy, saying it is a tough sell for citizens in Adams County and central Pennsylvania.  He made the following statement, which may be seen in its entirety at on his website at or at


“With this administration, people have lost trust.  They don’t mind paying extra if they know it’s going to help them, but with 4 cents additional, which is what is proposed on gasoline, they want to see at least half or two-thirds of it stay here.  But, if they think 3 cents of that 4 are going to roll on down to Philly or out to Pittsburgh, they’re not interested.  So they’ve lost trust.  I personally am one who believes mass transit should be privatized.”


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