In 2006, Dan Moul was elected to represent the citizens of the 91st Legislative District in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives.

A strong advocate for government reform, Moul is fighting for meaningful tax reform, a reduction in the size of the state legislature, lobbying and welfare reform and measures to protect the safety and welfare of children.

Moul serves as vice chairman of the House Children and Youth Committee on which he worked to pass a package of child protection legislation stemming from the Sandusky child sex abuse case and measures to strengthen Pennsylvania’s child support laws. In 2017, the Pennsylvania Partnerships for Children honored him with its Champion for Children award in recognition of his support for child protection. He was the sponsor of Act 104 of 2008, which gives Pennsylvania the ability to extradite so-called deadbeat parents, who move out-of-state to avoid paying child support, back to Pennsylvania for prosecution. Moul’s legislation also increased the penalties for willful non-payment of court-ordered support.

In the 2015-16 Legislative session, Moul was named vice chairman of the House Game and Fish Committee, and he will continue to serve on the Agriculture and Rural Affairs and Tourism and Recreation Development committees. Moul also serves on the Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin.

Prior to being elected to the House, Moul spent 20 years as owner operator of his own real estate management and renovation business. Before that he worked in the sales division of Hanover-based Utz Quality Foods.

A lifelong resident of Adams County, Moul is a graduate of New Oxford High School and he studied finance at York College. He is an active member of “People Who Care Inc.,” a non-profit charitable organization in Adams County dedicated to helping people in their time of need.

Moul and his wife Lori live in Conewago Township, Adams County. They have two adult children and one grandchild.

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